The Pregnancy Series

Prepare your body for birth and reduce common pregnancy aches and pains with The Pregnancy Series - natural movement for pregnancy.

Your body was designed to birth. But your body was not designed to live the way modern life expects you to. For an easier, more comfortable pregnancy, you need to move and think differently.

The Pregnancy Series

Saturdays at 11.30-1.00pm 

Join us at The Garden Studio in Chorley, from 12 weeks until your ‘Birth’ day. It’s almost never too late to start!

The classes will help you:

Align - Learn simple ways to sit, stand and move better for a more comfortable, healthier pregnancy, birth and life.

Breathe - Connect to your breath for energy, discover how it is connected to the pelvic floor and how it can be used for pain relief.

Release - Learn how to release pregnancy related aches and pains with simple exercises that you will be able to do at home.

Strengthen - Discover how movement can strengthen your body and mind for a healthy pregnancy, birth and easier postnatal recovery.

Relax - Learn how to go into deep relaxation for a shorter labour and birth

The Pregnancy Series

The Garden Studio, Chorley, Lancashire

“Thank you, thank you! So pleased! All the techniques you showed me worked and I wasn’t fearful at all. So thankful to you as you taught me so much and will continue to do so… see you in the Post Natal class soon. ”


Frequently Asked Questions

Congratulations!  You can join in with the classes from 12weeks.

You are welcome to get in touch sooner to reserve your space as places are strictly limited.  That way you can fill in the screening form and know that once you are 12weeks pregnant your place is ready and waiting for you.

Once your booking and payment have been received, you will be sent a link to a secure online health screening form.  Please complete fully then ‘SEND’ and I will see you in class soon.

Not at all – you are welcome to join the group right up until your ‘Birth’ day, any classes owing will be transferred into The Post Natal Series.

The Pregnancy Series is much more than just your class!  You will be supported throughout your pregnancy through both offline and online resources, but we understand Pregnancy can change and no two pregnancies are the same.  If you need to miss classes or stop altogether for medical reasons, we are happy to work something out with you in terms of transferring onto The Post Natal Series or offering a refund. 

Absolutely!  You need your body to be able to heal and recover fully, the classes help you to prepare for birth – whatever birth experience you are hoping for. 

Yes. Very! You will discover how you are moving now, why you are moving the way you do and ways in which you can make simple changes that result in an easier more comfortable pregnancy.  When you move better, your baby can move better helping them to get ready for birth too!

Although nothing is guaranteed as Every Body is different – we have helped many pregnant (and beyond) to either significantly reduce or relieve SPD altogether (sometimes in a matter of days). Please know it is never too late and there is always something that you can do. 

Yes. Absolutely!  By discovering how you are moving now (and why!) helps you to understand why you have Diastasis Recti.  Learning how to align your body and breathe better your core will be able to function better.

If you suspect or know that you have a hernia, prolapse or that ‘something doesn’t feel right’ please see your Doctor first for a diagnosis.  You may need to be referred to a Women’s Health Physio (WHP) first.  The Pregnancy Series is likely to be safe for you but it is best if you have a diagnosis so that we make sure everything you do is safe and working towards your recovery.  We are very happy to work alongside your Doctor, WHP or other Health Professional.

Just yourself!  Getting to class can often be the hardest thing! To make it easier the studio is fully kitted out with mats, bolsters, blocks and straps to ensure you can modify where you need to for a comfortable class.