Movement Sessions


Natural Movement Sessions

“Movement is the song of the body.”
Vanda Scaravelli

You need a day and time to suit your schedule
You want your questions answered and time to focus on your specific needs
You want to understand why your body feels the way it does
You already exercise a lot but have injuries that you just can’t shift
You have an adventure or personal challenge that you need to work around or towards and want specific guidance on how to prepare your body


Your body needs movement in the same way that it needs food and water.
Your body tells the story of how you have been moving (or not moving) until now.
When you move better, you feel better and can do the things you love more
We will work together to get your body moving so you can start where you are


with Helen Cox

My signature package of five 1-on-1 natural movement sessions taken over 12 weeks is designed to MoveYou – literally and figuratively. After 12 weeks, you will be moving freely in ways you previously didn’t think possible. You’ll have more energy, feel healthier, have greater flexibility and better stability. But it’s not all physical. Mentally and emotionally you will be moved too when you realise how much bigger the world is now that you have the freedom to move in it with ease. This isn’t just about being able to move, it’s about reclaiming your life.


with Helen Cox

Sometimes life is more fun when you share it with a friend. MoveTogether is based on my signature package MoveYou, but you bring a friend! If you have more than two friends that would be interested in joining you. Lucky you! Maybe you would prefer to get in touch and arrange a small class just for you and your friends!

Step One: Let’s Chat!

The first step is often the hardest.

I want to make it as easy as possible, so Let’s Chat!

During our 20 minute call you get to know me and I get to find out what you need and if I can help you. I only take on a small number of 1-on-1 clients at any one time. I am not always the right person and our chat gives us both an opportunity to find out if we are a good fit before you make an investment in both time and money.

Step Two: Start Where You Are!

During this 90minute session we cover the Movement Essentials.

You will discover how your body is moving, why it moves the way it does and how it could move better.

By the end of the session you will have simple exercises to take home and add into your life that will help you move towards your movement goals.

Ready to discover and explore your movement?  Then schedule a time that works for you!

Step Three: Move More!

When you are ready to go deeper, you can choose from either the MoveYou or MoveTogether package.

By meeting 5 times over the next 12 weeks for I hour movement sessions, you will discover how your body is really moving and explore how your movement habits are affecting you.  Each session you will explore different ways to move, why that matters as well as know what exercises to focus on at home.