Natural Movement for Pregnancy

“What your body can or can’t do during pregnancy has more to do with your pre-pregnancy movement habits, patterns and practices than it does a physiological change “caused” by the state of being pregnant.”
Katy Bowman

Every pregnancy is different, sometimes you need a more individual approach.

Are you struggling to make a weekly pregnancy class?

Do you have pregnancy-related pain?

Have you gone through birth before but want a different experience this time?

Let me help you;

 Address and minimise any pregnancy-related aches and pains. 

Prepare your body and stack the cards in your favour for the birth you desire. 

Understand how you can fit movement into your day for an easier birth recovery. 

Step One: Lets Chat

The first step is often the hardest.

I want to make it as easy as possible so book a time that suits you and Let’s Chat! 

During our 20-minute call, you get to know me and I get to find out what you need and if I can help you. I only take on a small number of 1:1 clients at any one time. I am not always the right person and our chat gives us both an opportunity to find out if we are a good fit before investing both time and money.

'Let's Chat'

Step Two: Assessment

Your first session with Helen is the BRM® Assessment.

Before we meet you will need to fill in the online health questionnaire and submit it a minimum of 48hrs before your session to avoid your session being rescheduled.

We meet in-person or online to assess how your body is doing and discover what you can do to help you get your body ready for birth.

Step Three: Move More

Depending on your pregnancy and needs, you can book individual sessions as you wish or choose the MoveYou package.


A package of five 1:1 sessions taken over 12 weeks, designed to MoveYou – literally and figuratively.

After 12 weeks, you will be moving freely in ways you previously didn’t think possible. You’ll have more energy, feel healthier, improve balance and have greater mobility. But it’s not all physical. Mentally and emotionally you will be moved too when you realise how much bigger the world is now that you have the freedom to move in it with ease.   This isn’t just about being able to move, it’s about reclaiming your life.


“Thank you, thank you! So pleased! All the techniques you showed me worked and I wasn’t fearful at all. So thankful to you as you taught me so much and will continue to do so… see you in the Post Natal class soon. ”