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Introduction to


New to
Natural Movement?

As we age, a lifetime of inactivity begins to take its toll with aches and pains, tightness or injury

It doesn’t just matter that you move, it matters how you move.

Discover more on the Introduction to Natural Movement Workshop. 

A prerequisite for joining either 'The Move Well Series' weekly or monthly class.

Intro to Natural Movement Workshop

The Garden Studio, Chorley, Lancashire

New and Returning Students are always welcome

The Move Well Series

Ready to deepen your understanding and explore movement more?

Discover how the habits you have are shaping your body.
Enjoy learning new ways to move that feel right to your body.
Find out ways to bring this new way of moving into your everyday life, without adding anything extra to your already busy day.

Weekly Class Series

6.00-7.30pm Wednesday

7.45-9.00pm Wednesday

10.00-11.30am Friday 

Monthly Class

10.00-11.30am Sunday 

The Move Well Series will help you:

Align - sit, stand and move better throughout the day.

Strengthen - your muscles, core, flexibility and balance

Boost - your overall fitness in a natural, gentle way

Release - tightness, aches & pains brought on by stress or desk-based work

Relax - learn to let day to day stress go

No matter your age, it’s never too early or late to start.
Learn to move well now and experience the benefits for the rest of your life

Your place on The Move Well Series will be reserved once your booking and payment have been received. You will be sent a link to a secure online health questionnaire. Please complete fully, then ‘SEND’ and I will see you in class soon

The Move Well Series

The Garden Studio, Chorley, Lancashire

New and Returning Students are always welcome

“I would recommend this course to anyone! It’s fantastic for bringing awareness to how we live our life and how this impacts on our bodies. Helen is excellent at explaining the biomechanics of our bodies without blinding you with science! It helps you to understand how to help yourself using everyday tasks! Simple and effective! Very relaxing and great for releasing stress! Give it a try, your body will thank you for it. ”

Karen Collins

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to do the Intro to Natural Movement Workshop first?

Ideally Yes! this is not your usual exercise class.  There are a lot of concepts to explore, practical elements to try and you will want time to talk around them.  When you discover why it is important to move naturally, it will make the learning how and where, much easier (and more fun!). We understand that sometimes a Sunday doesn't work or you may keen to join The Move Well Series before you can join an Introduction Workshop-  in which case you may prefer to book a Let's Chat with Helen to find out your options.  

I can’t commit to a weekly class – now what?

We understand. Life is busy!  The beauty with the natural movement concept is it will fit into your life easily (once you know how).  Due to demand there is now a Move Well Monthly Class that you can drop into, whenever life creates the space.  Just make sure to book in advance so you are not left disappointed.

I’ve signed up – what happens next?

Once your booking and payment have been received, you will be sent a link to a secure online health screening form.  Please complete fully then ‘SEND’ and I will see you in class soon.

Is it all fit, young ones in class?

No! This class really is for Every Body! Whatever, size, shape and ability!  You are unique - no-one knows your body better than you do.  Discover how to listen to your body and meet it where it is.  There are no judgements, no demands – simply a group of people together learning how to move their bodies better. 

I would have to miss a few dates – would it be better to wait for the next course?

Booking on a course guarantees your place in class.  Once you have let that place go, there is no guarantee you will get back on – future courses are offered to current course clients first before any available spaces are released via the website.  There may be a place, but equally there may not be! It is entirely up to you. Don’t forget there is always the option to join Helen for the Move Well Monthly Class.

I find it hard to get to the floor – do I have to?

No but after your first course I bet this is something you will be well on your way to be doing!  By learning how to move better you will soon find that you can get to the floor and feel more confident in doing so. Remember, for an independent life, getting up and down to the floor is an important skill!

I have lower back problems, will this class help?

Absolutely!  The Move Well Series is made for you!  Your body is simply telling the story of how you have moved up until now.  Your body loves to move (although it might not feel like it just now).  Once you start to offer your body gentle, nourishing movement you will start to move freely and move well.  You will be encouraged to work at your own pace, listen to your own body and will be taught how to modify so things are safe for you at every step. 

I still have pelvic pain from pregnancy - will this class be suitable?

Yes!  This class has helped Post Natal mama’s to either significantly reduce or relieve SPD altogether (sometimes years after giving birth). You might be interested to know that there is also a Your Pelvic Matters workshop and class series that will be launching in 2019 for those with or wanting to prevent Pelvic Dysfunction.   Please know it is never too late and there is always something that you can do.

I have a Diastasis Recti (Abdominal Separation) – will this class help?

Yes. Absolutely!  By discovering how you are moving now (and why!) helps you to understand why you have Diastasis Recti.  Learning how to align your body and breathe better your core will be able to function better.

I have (think I have) a hernia, pelvic floor weakness – will this class help?

If you suspect or know that you have a hernia, prolapse or that ‘something doesn’t feel right’ please see your Doctor first for a diagnosis.  You may need to be referred to a Women’s Health Physio (WHP) first.  The Move Well Series is likely to be safe for you but it is best is you have a diagnosis so that we make sure everything you do is safe and working towards your recovery.  We are very happy to work alongside your Doctor, WHP or other Health Professional.  You might also be interested in the Your Pelvic Matters workshop and class series that is going to be launched in 2019 specific to those who have or want to prevent Pelvic Dysfunctions.

I have never been to a class before – what do I need to bring?

Just yourself!  Getting to class can often be the hardest thing – to make it easier the studio is fully kitted out with mats, bolsters, blocks and straps to ensure you can modify where you need to for a comfortable class.

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