Closing the Bones Massage

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“The body benefits from movement and the mind benefits from stillness”
Sakyong Mipham

A traditional ceremony from Mexico, that honours the physical, emotional and spiritual journey of womanhood.

It is a Ceremony. A Ritual. A Warming Nurturing Massage.

This beautiful ceremony can benefit any woman so they can feel supported, restored or to signify a ‘Closing’ of something else in life. Traditionally, it is performed immediately after birth but it can be received days, months or years after pregnancy and childbirth.  


Closing of the bones involves...

A comfortable massage space is set up on the floor.

You will lie on a Rebozo (a traditional piece of long fabric) which is used to rock your hips gently releasing tension and realigning the pelvis.

There is a gentle massage of the abdomen using warming oils and finally the hips are wrapped with the Rebozo.

If you wish you can be wrapped around the head, the shoulders, pelvis, legs and feet in a Rainbow of Rebozos.

A blanket is then placed over your body so you can rest and relax fully until you are ready.

Herbal tea and a moment to pause and reflect will complete your ‘Closing’

Bring your closest friends and female family members to create and share an unforgettable experience or simply enjoy the time and space created just for yourself. 

A Closing can be the perfect gift if you are looking for something that is extra special for someone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Within many cultures around the world there is an innate understanding of the need to nurture and support a woman through various life cycles.  From entering puberty, to the 41-day postnatal period, during or after menopause or as a gentle comfort after a pregnancy loss, birth loss or otherwise (divorce, home, relationship), sacred rituals and ceremonies are held.

Sadly, in Europe these oral traditions got lost within a few generations.  Nowadays, we think of mainly the physiological changes that are happening within the body during these life transitions, but there is a whole other level that isn’t being addressed.

How you tend to your emotional health will affect your body, how you tend to your body affects your emotional health. 

A ‘Closing’ provides a safe space with time for you to fully relax, let go and release tension - physically, emotionally and energetically.

I have never had children?

Yes, closing of the bones massage is often given at various times of a woman’s life, in many traditional cultures girls are massaged and rocked from entering puberty, during the 41day postnatal period as well as during or after menopause.  during or after menopause or as a gentle comfort after a pregnancy loss, birth loss or otherwise (divorce, home, relationship). 

I had a caesarean birth?

Yes, as long as your wound has fully healed and you feel ready. 

It has been a long time since I had children?

It is easy to forget that once you are Post Natal, you are always Post Natal.  No matter how long ago you experienced pregnancy or birth, you will feel benefit and enjoy a ‘Closing’.

If I have a bad back or other illness?

If you do have ongoing pain or illness, book a Lets Chat with Helen to find out if a ‘Closing’ is right for you at this time.

No, the rocking of the hips and massage of the abdomen should feel both gentle and relaxing. 

“There is no evidence of any therapeutic effect.  It is not a recognised therapy and we make no claims that this ritual is curative.  It is a relaxing ceremony that women find restorative, meditative and warming.  An experienced osteopath attests that Closing the Bones is gentle and safe.”  Sophie Messager & Maddie McMahon

You will feel the benefits from just one session, although 3-6 massages are best for lasting effects.

Traditionally a new mother would have the first Closing done within the first few hours after giving birth and receive 5-6 more during the 41day postnatal period. 

Dr Rocio Alarcon who taught this method to my teachers Sophie Messager and Maddie McMahon, attributes the many woman suffering hip and back issues in our society to the lack of closing the bones massage post birth.  Rocio explains that MRI scans of pregnant woman would show how the hips open wider and wider during pregnancy and that it is paramount to help close the hips back to normal width after birth, otherwise mothers will suffer from pelvic stability and leak energy. 

Congratulations!  You can have a Closing as soon as you feel ready.  Traditionally the massage is given hours after birth, then received a further 5-6 times during the 41 days of postnatal period.

You can but you don’t have too. 

If you are very early postnatal, you might prefer to organise the Closing at home, so you can have a doula, friend or grandparent with you to look after baby, leaving you to feed when needed and relax when possible.  The Closing is for you, so I will work around what you need, to make the time as special as possible.

Just yourself!  Getting to an appointment on time can often be the hardest thing.  This is your time out from the world, so come with an open mind and enjoy your Closing!

Once your booking and payment have been received, you have received an email confirmation with the details you will need. 

Please make sure you complete the health questionnaire at least 48hours before your session to avoid it being rescheduled. 

If you didn't receive your email confirmation please other email folders - it may have gone into the 'promotions' or 'junk' - the email pixies like to sometimes double-check you know someone before letting emails into your inbox!

Yes! Creating space for a Closing is beautiful but to gift that space is incredibly special.  Whoever the gift is for - someone who has had a baby, suffering with illness or needed as a gentle comfort after a loss – the gift of a Closing, will leave you remembered forever.