Natural Movement Matters

by Helen Cox is transforming the way people move in their daily life!

Natural Movement Matters

Cars, screens, labour-saving devices, comfy chairs, outsourced services – all of these things make our lives easier. They also make us move less. Even people who spend an hour a day exercising are only spending 4% of their day moving. The rest of the time, they’re largely sedentary. The result?

A body that aches a lot of the time
Discomfort during pregnancy
Knee Pain
Neck and shoulder tension
Pelvic pain or pelvic health problems

Our bodies are designed to move.

Have you ever noticed how children barely sit still? They fidget, wriggle, bend, stretch, lift, carry, hang, climb, crawl, cartwheel, somersault, back bend, sit cross legged, jump, run, twirl and skip. So, when does that change?

Modern life is making us move less almost from the day we are born. Babies and toddlers get put in car seats, bouncy chairs and buggies. From the age of four children start sitting at desks with limited free play. But it is really in adulthood that our lack of movement intensifies. Our days go from lying in bed, to sitting at desks, to sitting in cars or lounging on sofas – interspersed with a blast of high intensity exercise at the gym or class.

There is a different way.

The philosophy behind natural movement is to simply change how you move whilst carrying out your normal life. When you move better, you feel better and the more fun, free and independent your life will be.

Natural Movement Matters provides group classes, workshops, 1:1 sessions and retreats to help you transform your lifestyle with simple changes that will get you moving more, improve your general fitness and boost your health.

Hi, I’m Helen!

I've spent over 25 years working in the health & fitness industry.  It was only after becoming pregnant with my daughter that I truly realised the importance of natural everyday movement throughout pregnancy, motherhood and life. 

Originally from Chorley, I've returned home after living in London, Essex and Ireland, where I founded a community health and wellbeing studio. 

“I move, therefore I am”
Haruki Murakami

As a certified BRM™ pro, I'm on a mission to help women understand the importance of natural movement to help them prepare for birth, reduce pregnancy pain and recover from birth.  

I'm a mother, a natural mover, Treesister, freedom advocate, business owner and solo parent. I have chosen to Home Educate my daughter so she is free to move all day, every day.  We love simple approaches to food, movement and play whilst moving towards a more simple way of living in the world.


BSc (Hons) Sport Science

Biomechanics Coach

iMove Freely Instructor

Natural Mindfulness and Forest Bathing

Outdoor First Aid

Your Pelvic Matters™ Claire Mockridge Education

Metabolic Effect Personal Trainer

Metabolic Effect Group Exercise Instructor

Metabolic Effect, Nutritional Fat Loss Coach

Covid-19 Rehabilitation

BRM Level 2, Body Ready Method Training

Advanced Modern Pregnancy Exercise, Burrell Education

Closing the Bones Massage with Sophie Messager and Maddie McMahon

Advanced Modern Post Natal Assessement and Exercise Prescription, Burrell Education

Optimal Nutrition & Lifestyle for the Post Natal Healing & Recovery, Burrell Education

Paramana Doula Training, Paramanadoula with Dr Michael Odent & Liliana Lammer

Perinatal Yoga Teacher Training Diploma, Yoga Appliance Approved

CDP training

Mov Nat for Mobility

The Balance Series with Carol Robbins, Alignment Rescue

Walking Well with Katy Bowman & Jill Miller

Build Better Feet with Petra Fisher Movement

Natural Movement Fundamentals with Mov Nat & Nutritious Movement

One Strong Mama, pre and postnatal care with Lindsay McCoy & Lauren Ohayon

Whole Body Biomechanics: Upper Body with Katy Bowman, Nutritious Movement

Whole Body Biomechanics: Core & Pelvis with Katy Bowman, Nutritious Movement

Whole Body Biomechanics: Feet, Knees & Hips with Katy Bowman, Nutritious Movement

Traditional Postpartum Birth worker, TNPS with Layla B.

Movement Ecology During Pregnancy with Katy Bowman, Nutritious Movement

How We Can Work Together

Group Classes

Natural Movement Matters Chorley Lancashire


Natural Movement Matters Chorley Lancashire


Natural Movement Matters Chorley Lancashire

Barbara Deane

“Helen taught me the importance of moving freely and relaxation – to this day I sleep soundly, I have taught my children and they are now both great sleepers. To me Helen is a human version of Mother Nature, in this time of so much technology we sometimes need to be told it’s okay to go outside, get fresh air, get dirty and have fun. Thank you!”

Clare O’Boyle

“Helen makes you feel that you can do it as she always has great confidence in our ability and this is itself is such a help. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it has given me great confidence in myself to know that I can do it with Helen’s help and my own commitment!”

Deborah Reilly-Tyrrell

“Helen’s enthusiasm is second to none. She is so passionate about what she does and is constantly researching and presenting new ideas. Helen encourages and motivates in a way that makes me want to get the best out of myself.”

Sinead Lally

“Working with Helen was exciting and hopeful. I felt from the start that there was a lot of good things to come. I got a very interesting overview of my body and what I could achieve. I had many, many results from working with Helen, so much so I know I do everything different now.”

Marie O’Donnell

“Meeting Helen has been one of the best things I have done.  I have learnt to feel good about myself which has had an overall effect on my health all round and I feel better than I have ever done. Thanks Helen, I couldn’t have done it without you.”